Collection: DX Collection

The futon classics - our natural rubber-latex futons are a benchmark for quality since 1988.

Our manufacture transforms fine materials into true sleeping pleasure, based on years of experience and quality feedback of numerous repeat customers.

20 years - quite normal for our DX FUTONs.

Many of our DX FUTONs have passed the 20-year mark, even with daily use. This is due to the perfect coordination of selected fibers with extra strong natural latex. (And because that users like them so much.)

The collection includes 3 models in many standard sizes, but custom orders are possible, as well as adapting the quality to your individual needs.

The low price is just as important to us as the high quality of our materials and the precision of our production.

(Do not be confused by cheap imports, which are only supposedly cheaper; if in doubt, ask us, we will explain the difference to you.)

Find out more about our FUTON DX collection on YouTube.

DX FUTON collection - overview of all products (length: 2:23 min.)