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BIOFUTON DW 5.1 – the perfect comfort

For all those who indulge in relishing sleeping experience and that value the stay in bed.

This 'high-end' futon provides especially side sleepers an incredible sleep comfort, with an enormous body adaptation and without losing the futon typical feeling. It is stable and calm and earthy firm but complies in each position just right to make you feel carried gently.
This is mainly due to the double latex core, 2x 5cm, made of pure highly elastic natural rubber, which ensures lasting elasticity as well as good firmness. Our special french free-range virgin wool, the fine organic cotton and the strong coconut fibres or horsehair in the core caters for a pleasant and hygienic bed climate and the noble, solid cover made of extra heavy cotton sateen (certified organic) visual and haptically complete the experience.

This luxury futon leaves little to be desired and is suitable for people from 50-120kg.
A futon is perceived differently depending on body weight:

  • 50 - 70kg: soft
  • 70 - 100kg: soft-firm(optimal))
  • 100 - 120kg: very firm

Advice for couples: perfect for most couples, especially with very different weight.


  • 2 x 5cm natural latex (100% natural rubber), H5, 86 kg/cbm density
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm coconut fibre, stable and climate active or horsehair, more elastic
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm certified organic cotton (GOTS)
  • 2 x 550g/sqm French free-range virgin wool
  • The Cover: Cotton satin, 330g/sqm, from organic cotton (GOTS), fine, extra strong quality, point stapled, in typical futon look.
  • Height 17 - 19cm, initially more
  • Weight - ca. 14kg/sqm
  • All materials are strictly tested for purity and certified by ECO Institute, Cologne.

Info in Video

Biofuton DW 5.1 - Youtube 4:22 min.

The Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

The Futontest - Youtube 5:28 min.