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Pure organic matresses by Futonwerk

Explore our Biofutons – the premium class of futons and natural mattresses. With ecological materials and years of experience, our collection Biofuton is setting the standards for comfort.

Manufactured quality since 1988 - our futons are the most comfortable natural mattresses in the world

At Futonwerk we have been passionate about futon/organic mattresses for over 30 years. The Biofuton collection represents the crowning achievement of our efforts to provide universally comfortable, natural sleep. Made from certified natural materials, it offers firm, unadulterated sleeping comfort for sleepers in every position and weight class.

This is what sets our organic mattress apart: an overview

Our organic mattresses from the Biofuton natural mattress range have two different characteristics. On the one hand, there is the incomparably original sleeping feeling that all products from our futon factory have in common: firm and yet secure - stable, safe and a little “earthy” in the depths, gentle on the surface. Exactly the way our bodies naturally prefer to sleep. In addition, every mattress from the Biofuton range is made entirely from certified natural materials. We make our mattresses by hand from carefully processed natural materials combined for optimal sleeping comfort. Experience nature at its best with an organic futon from Futonwerk:

Cotton: Our organic futons are made with fine cotton from controlled organic farming inside and out. The finer fiber ensures better durability of your organic mattress in the long term. But what is even more important to us: the use of certified organic materials makes an important ecological contribution to preserving our natural world.

Natural fibers: We use horsehair and (in the vegan versions of our organic mattresses) coconut fiber in the core of our organic futons. Where horsehair is elastic and supple, coconut fiber is more rigid - both are breathable above average and ensure good air and moisture exchange inside the mattress and thus a good sleeping environment.

Rubber: Natural rubber or natural latex forms the “backbone” at the core of our organic mattresses. The natural, breathable and easy-care material ensures that the organic futon remains stable for many years. With its strength it maintains the desired stability, with its elasticity it prevents painful hardness.

Virgin wool: Our special French free-range virgin wool “Plein Air” as well as our patented virgin wool in Alpine quality make our organic mattresses noticeably more comfortable and improve air conditioning, hygiene and durability. After a unique first moment “like on a cloud”, the feeling of lying down is pleasantly stable and firm.

Virgin wool: natural quality for your organic mattress from Futonwerk

Our new wool comes from French free-range sheep and Austrian Merino sheep. Consistently sourced from Central Europe, our wool is obtained without animal cruelty and has minimal transport routes - we know our suppliers personally. The wool comes from live shearing and is cleaned exclusively with soap. In chemical analysis it corresponds to kbT quality. We use this material to produce a particularly fluffy and at the same time resistant fleece, which impresses with its excellent properties when processed into an organic mattress:

Moisture exchange: Wool can absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling wet. Because moisture does not penetrate the fiber thanks to the lanolin. This ensures effective moisture exchange and a good sleeping environment.


Your organic mattress from Futonwerk

Consulting offers and quality certificates

Of course, all of our materials in our organic mattresses are of the best origin, controlled for harmful substances (ECO Institute) and carefully handcrafted - in Germany - to create the fine futon.

In the product descriptions you will find all the details that will help you choose the best organic mattress for you. First, follow the weight information for optimal comfort - it doesn't matter if you're heavier, it'll just be a little firmer.

All models in the Biofuton collection can be ordered vegan and are available in special sizes. Please note the information on the product pages.

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Uniquely natural sleeping comfort with our organic mattresses

With an organic mattress from Futonwerk you are purchasing a quality futon made from climate-active raw materials for natural, healthy sleep far away from modern mattress technologies. Benefit from our passion for futons - we have been developing nature-loving, original sleeping solutions made from natural materials for over 30 years. Within Germany and Central Switzerland we offer our customers free delivery through our in-house delivery service. In Germany and Switzerland we also offer our separately bookable assembly service and the disposal of old beds and mattresses. Of course, we also deliver to all other customers in Europe, using shipping companies or parcel services (DHL).