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FUTON DX5 - a balanced luxury futon of enormous strength.

It offers experienced futon sleepers an impressive comfort experience of sheer fullness and a safe, quiet sleeping place of medium futon firmness up to approx. 90kg body weight, up to approx. 120kg with high firmness - in any sleeping position.

Three layers of latex ensure lasting dynamic comfort and lots of fine natural fibres create the best climate - the wonderful French free-range virgin wool "Plein Air" on the surface creates a pleasantly gentle pressure absorption and relieves the skin.

A seduction par excellence for people who want to treat themselves. Also a unifying pleasure for couples with significantly different physiques and a wide bed.

A futon like this cannot be rolled up, but it can be folded, and apart from good ventilation and occasional turning, it requires no maintenance.

FUTON DX 5 lies well on any surface, from roll-up to slatted frames.

Explicit contents

  • 3x 3cm natural latex, H5 - made from 100% natural rubber forms the basis and ensures elasticity to suit the body
  • and lasting comfort
  • 2x 1000g/sqm horsehair in the centre of the latex core is elastic, above all breathable and transports penetrating moisture to the outside.
  • On request: coconut instead of horsehair, makes the futon firmer
  • 2 x 1000 g/sqm organic cotton - is cosy, climate-active and antistatic.
  • 2x 550g/sqm French free-range virgin wool "Plein Air", from species-appropriate animal husbandry, ensures a good climate and hygiene
  • The cover - made from fine, strong organic cotton satin, GOTS (300g/sqm), which allows the materials inside to retain their suppleness.
  • The stitching - made from 5 rows of very special threads that hold everything together without interfering.
  • The total height - of approx. 18cm emphasises the status of a brilliant, noble natural mattress.
  • The weight: approx. 14kg/sqm.

Vegan available (coconut instead of horsehair, cotton instead of wool); makes DX 5 significantly firmer!