Collection: Bed Slats

An even and stable base for your futon / mattress

Stable bed slats are the ideal base to support a natural bed like a futon evenly and stably.
Solid wood bed frame slats offer the advantage of being solid enough to support heavier weights of natural mattresses along with sleepers. A good bed frame slat is primarily suitable to support your lying position, avoiding deformation.

How important are bed slats?

Load capacity for any body weight plus futon mattress

The quality of a bed frame slat is decided first of all by the load-bearing capacity for the body weight of the sleeper and the quite heavy quality mattress. Especially with heavy quality mattresses, like our futons, the individual slats must be stable enough to support the weight of the natural mattress without bending or moving. Our bed frame slats, made of sturdy solid beech wood, are solid enough to support man and mattress of any weight.

Support of the individual sleeping position

While a mattress or futon specifically responds to the contours of the body, a bed frame slat takes over the support of the lying position. When buying a bed slat, you should make sure that the individual slats are not too wide, but are close together and stable enough not to sag. If the slats bend towards the middle, an unnaturally deformed lying lying position. Your sleep becomes restless as a result, are not rested in the morning and suffer from pain or tension.

Ventilated futon and dry bed climate

Every person exhales moisture during the night and produces condensation moisture due to the heat difference between the top and bottom. This moisture is in and under the mattress. If the futon lies directly on the floor or in a bed base closed at the sides and bottom, the moisture can hardly evaporate. On a bed slat, the sleeping pad is well ventilated and the moisture can escape. Odor and mold growth is prevented.

Choice of bed frame slats: What kinds are there?

Not every slatted frame fits every bed frame. Roll-up slats need a continuous, stable support. Also, some beds do not have a center brace, so that the rolling grille cannot rest there. Some bed frames have constructional obstacles in the corners or at the head end, so that frame slats do not fit or only just fit in the do not fit or only just fit in the length. This is not a problem with our solid wood slatted frames because they can easily be shortened.