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Framed Slats

Framed Slats

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Framed Slats

Metal free* solid wood bed slats (beech wood) that carry any mattress with decent breathability.

The lateral frame has a height of 4cm. It contains 23 slats (each measuring 5cm x 2cm) with gaps of about 3.8cm inbetween at a length of 1.95m. From a width of 120cm, the slat thickness is 5cm x 2cm.
Frames are always 4-8cm shorter and around 1cm narrower than the nominal dimensions so that they can fit into any bed.

This frame can - as opposed to the roll-up slats - also be used in beds without support bars. It reduces the inlay depth of the bed by 4cm / 8cm.

Note: Width 140cm will generally be made with a length support strip for having a stable base also for two persons (* this brace is currently secured with screws). The pillar in the middle has to be cut to right height or taken away if the bed is used by only one person.

Measurements and Details

  • Width: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140cm (minus 1cm)
  • Length: 200 / 210 / 220cm (minus 5cm)
  • Frame thickness: 4cm, 8cm
  • Slats: 23 bars, 5cm x 2cm, 3.8cm distance
  • Wood: beech wood
  • Surface: untreated
  • Origin: Futonwerk product