Orders / Payment / Delivery Europe


For ordering your desired product you have the following options:

By website: Put the product into your shopping cart and fill out the required information by going through the steps - it's simple and without risk.
You can put different products and product options into your shopping cart or remove them again if you wish to. If you ordered something by mistake, you still have the option to delete the order.
Upon completion of your order an order confirmation / invoice is sent to you automatically.

By email: You can simply send us an email telling us which products you would like to order, your delivery address as well as your phone number. We will return an email with the order confirmation.

By fax / phone: We also allow orders by fax or by phone:
FAX: +49 231 5898 1129 | TEL: +49 231 5898 1120.
Afterwards, you will receive the order confirmation by email, fax or by post.

The order confirmation include all information regarding payment, the final price and the expected delivery week. Even then, you can still cancel your order.


The following payment methods are available to you:

Bank Transfer: You transfer the money from your account to our account in advance.

PayPal: Simple, safe and quick; especially for foreign customers.

All payment methods are shown in detail prior to finishing your order through our online shop. In case of questions, please contact us anytime.

Please set the ordernumber to your payment.


The shop will show you a flat delivery price. This is for a large mattress/futon to the capital city of your country. We will determine the exact delivery price when we receive the order and then correct your confirmation. If the real delivery price is too high for you, you can cancel the order again. Or better, ask us before you place the order. Small items that we send by post are cheaper. Even then, the delivery price will change.

Upon confirming your order, your product is manufactured immediately and is ready for delivery after 20-30 days (mattresses/futons & accessories, not beds). Afterwards, the product is brought to you by our drivers or a delivery service as fast as possible, which means our mattresses/futons are usually delivered after 4-6 weeks.

Beds and other products from external suppliers can take longer. We provide information on the delivery time via order confirmation of the supplier (or on request).

In any case, you will receive the delivery details one week before delivery by e-mail.