Collection: Pillows

The head is our sensory center. As such we should bed it gently and stable - in a good position and on fine quality. The right height, the right firmness, the right material. A good bed makes use of several pillows, by the way ...

The feeling of well-being is an important component of a good night's sleep, and because our sensory perception is particularly pronounced in the head area, we need a comfortable resting-pillow. Recommendations are difficult here because we are not as individually sensitive in any other part of the body as we are at the head.
In addition to the feeling of well-being, there are, of course, ergonomic aspects in the choice of a pillow. For example, it is better to sleep on 40x80/40x60cm pillows, which is especially applicable to people with shoulder/neck problems, because the shoulder and head need a different height level in the lateral position. The wider the shoulders and the firmer the mattress, the thicker the pillow. Special neck pillows, however, with a special shape, can be helpful in some cases but are often not suitable for everyday use.

Most people need several pillows, anyway, at least two, depending on mood/condition or changed sleeping positions. That's why we make good quality pillows inexpensive so that the choice is easier so that you can afford several pillows and also replace them repeatedly; one pillow lasts 3-8 years.

There is only one way to find your favourite pillow ... experimentation.