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Merino Pillow

Merino Pillow

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Merino Pillow

Our Merino pillows are available with flake filling or fleece filling.

The flake pillow flakes are loose and can be shook and pressed into position, similar to the feathers in a feather bed, only stronger and more dimensionally stable.
Flake pillows are available with 300g filling = very flat, for those who sleep on their stomach, small or slim people,
with 450g filling = suitable for most,
or with 600g * filling = very fluffy, especially for side sleepers, broad-shouldered people and - like everyone - for pillow cuddlers.
*(If too thick, take some stuffing out and refill it later if necessary.)

The fleece pillow is denser and more even and becomes more solid over time if it is not moved, but can be shaken up. It is also available with 300g (stomach / back), 450g (small to medium-sized side sleepers) or 600g filling (for broad-shouldered people).

Note: New wool needs a lot of oxygen / fresh air. Put your pillow by the open window as often as possible and make it fresh again. And give it a break of 1-3 days in between.
Also note: the actual pillow dimensions are significantly smaller than the nominal dimensions of the matching pillowcase (depending on the height). Due to the curvature, it fills a normally dimensioned neck support pillow cover so that it can simply be pulled over the pillow.