We want to make it easier for you to spoil yourself with good sleep.

On the one hand there are our fundamentally friendly prices resulting from direct selling without intermediary trade. On the other hand you receive a respectable cash discount for paying in advance. On top of that, we offer a few small discounts.

Automatic Discounts: Discount
Quantity Discount (starting at 3 futons per order, one delivery address) 4%
More-Bed Discount: (4% from €1,500, 6% from €2,250; 8% from €3,000 on total order) not available in combination with student-, artist-, lovers- or the social discount. 4, 6, 8%


Basis Discounts (redeemable with discount codes, if applicable) Discount Code
Regular Customer Discount (on total order) 4% 335S545K


Theme Discounts (redeemable with discount codes, if applicable) Discount Code
Student- and Trainee-Discount* (on 1st futon) 3% 335S545T
Artist Discount* (on 1st futon) 3% 335S545K
Discount for lovers* (on 1st futon with a width of 140cm or more) 3% 335V545R
Social Discount on mattress up to 200 cm wide and slatted frames 5% On Request


*on the total value of the goods

**These discounts do not apply to special offers and promotional items, cannot be combined with each other and are valid once per customer for one futon. Student, artist and lover discounts cannot be combined with discounts for regular customers.

The social discount is intended for people who would like to sleep naturally but do not currently have the financial means to do so. Please provide a brief explanation of your entitlement to the discount, key points are sufficient, e.g. 'single parent'.

Type the code over in the discount field (shopping basket) and enter it in the comments field or by e-mail.

Regular customers have a futon from Futonwerk (or from Form in Form, RS-Möbel, Möbelum or Interio/CH).

Students e-mail us your registrationStagiaires their internship.Lovers send us a photo (will be deleted).Artists send us proof of your work.