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Sofa Bed EINS

Sofa Bed EINS

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* Pictured futon not included in price! Colour selection is for the bed box fabric

Sofa Bed EINS - a quality product of FUTONWERK

It is equally well suited for living rooms, one-room apartments, teen bedrooms or guest rooms.
It is the handiest and easiest to use of all sofa beds, and set up with only a light grip. It is entirely made of wood, apart from the click clack hinges, which offer three different positions for lying down, sitting and reclining and relaxing (with tilted backrest).

The EINS sofa frame fully meets our standards and expectations, both in terms of material and in terms of handling.
You sleep on two original frame racks (made of solid beechwood), which provide good support for any futon.
With its pleasant height for sitting or sleeping and a large, textile storage compartment (colored, matching the futon), EINS offers a lot of comfort at a great price.

Measurements and Details

  • Wood: Beech, untreated
  • Functions: 3 positions: sitting, lying, relaxing
  • Futon: The EINS sofa frame is best combined with classic futons such as FUTON DX 4 / BIOFUTON DW 5.0, outstanding quality, nice proportions.
  • Anti-slip pad included in delivery.