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Natural ambience with a solid wood bed

solid wood bed is a natural and durable choice for your bedroom. It is made of real wood, is robust, stable and exudes a natural ambience. The use of solid wood creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. With us you will find a selection of solid wood beds in many standard sizes as well as in extra lengths up to 220 cm. Browse through our selection of different models and find your perfect bed for your new, cozy bedroom. There are wooden beds for every taste and every style, whether futon beds, extra flat, floating beds, without visible feet, beam beds, with a particularly robust construction, metal-free beds, which usually stand out through intelligent construction, as well as classic bed frames with head and foot ends Adults and children alike.

At Futonwerk, we first pay attention to the stability of the bed model, in addition to the quality of the materials, so that your night's sleep is not disturbed by squeaks and creaks.
Then it's about the variety of different types of wood and the influence of the oil on the structure and color of the wood. Whether core beech, wild oak, walnut, alder, ash, birch or pine - there are hardly any limits to the choice of different woods. Whether the wood for the bed comes from sustainable forestry and the bed comes from carpentry or industrial production, these aspects determine the quality and sustainability of a solid wood bed from our sortiment.

Which solid wood bed is right for me?

As already mentioned, there are many different models of beds made of solid wood and it is almost impossible to make a general recommendation as to which model suits which type, as lifestyle magazines like to do.
The decision for your own bed should first come from your gut, from your first feeling, which then has to withstand the rational consideration of details:

  • Does the design of the bed harmonize with my home?
  • Does the processing quality suit me? (Surface, construction, stability, details)
  • Is it compatible with my mattress, my futon, my sleep system? (Frame height / insertion depth, other dimensions and possible obstacles)
  • Does the price fit my budget?

Find exactly your bed. Because then it will be good for you, bring you joy every day and promote your positive engagement with sleep.
For some, it is the designer bed with the unusual design language that inspires the senses. For others, the cozy four-poster bed that invites you to snuggle up. For many people, it should be minimalist, fit in simply and be stable because the mattress is the most important part of a good night's sleep anyway.
Either way, what matters is that you make it your place, your refuge, your personal place of well-being.