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Bed Proof

Bed Proof

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Bed Proof - The pragmatic solution for friends of sober functionality.

Proof is our 'slatted frame' put on its own legs and equipped with finishing strips. So you are away from the floor, have good ventilation, a neat, stable slatted frame and at the same time the simplest bed design. If you pull the fitted sheet over the frame, you will only see a sleeping cushion on your feet. If you need a little more design, paint the feet and frame in solid beech or attach a border.
Note: The sizes 140cm and wider consist of two units, which is enormously stable and robust. 140 cm width is also available in one piece, but this is only recommended for light persons sleeping alone.

Measurements and Details

  • Outside measurement: Frame is 4cm shorter and 1cm narrower than the selected option. Outside dimension corresponds accordingly to the selected size.
  • Overall height: 19/23 cm
  • Special features: Width 140 x 200 can be ordered in two units. From width 160cm, the frame always consists of two units