Quality guidelines / guarantee

Our customers demand from us products that are made entirely from natural ingredients - this is our fundamental level of quality.

Our raw materials are subject to strict testing procedures to ensure their purity. Around 240 potential pollutants are examined using the latest analysis technologies. Every year our materials are examined and certified by the ECO Environmental Institute in Cologne to ensure that they meet our standards.


Ecology is our top priority and sustainability is our top goal.

In order to create a sustainable product, we combine ecological principles with high-quality materials. Only materials that are of the highest quality can ensure a long service life. Only if a product can be used for a long time and has been manufactured in an ecologically responsible manner does it really meet the requirements for sustainability. Our pursuit of top quality not only ensures your comfort, but also ensures a long product lifespan. This win-win situation is our goal.

In addition, it is important to us that fair working conditions accompany the entire manufacturing process. This is how we move forward step by step on the path to a better world.

Another concern for us is that our products are not only useful, but also affordable.

Our raw materials are of absolutely natural purity and, wherever possible, are sourced in organic quality.

  • For our textile products we mainly use cotton from certified organic farming (kbA) or those with the GOTS quality standard. Even our standard cotton fleece in the DX collection is ECO certified. All of our textile products are generally available in organic quality.
  • Our new wool, in Alpenland Quality®, comes from Austria and is obtained from sheep that traditionally graze on alpine meadows. We also source "Plein Air" virgin sheep's wool from French open-air sheep, whose quality is particularly high and effective.
  • Our natural latex consists of 100% pure natural rubber, without the addition of fillers or synthetic polymers.
  • The horsehair, although conventionally obtained, comes from Europe as alternative sources of supply are not available.
  • We source the coconut fibers from Sri Lanka and India, and they are naturally harmless in every respect.
  • The fabrics for our covers are woven in Münsterland according to the strictest environmental standards, and all meet the organic quality requirements of the GOTS standard.
  • Although we are not yet completely satisfied in all areas of the product cycle, we are continually working to meet our own standards.


guarantee sheep wool

We offer you futon mattresses of the highest purity and quality that will increase your well-being.

Our company is a classic factory in which every futon mattress is carefully made by hand. Every single piece is lovingly prepared, cut and layered. The fabrics are cut to the millimeter and sewn precisely. Each basting point is fixed individually and the piercing is done by machine to protect the fabric while ensuring that your product is perfect and at the same time we handle the materials with care.

We take the time to discuss individual customer requests regarding dimensions or structure and usually implement these.


Our quality standards

By carefully handling high-quality materials, we guarantee you the highest level of reliability and quality craftsmanship. Our average complaint rate of around 1% per year speaks for itself and underlines our quality.

However, we are cautious when it comes to advertising guarantee promises because we do not want to compare our high quality with the often questionable guarantee statements of the mattress industry. For us, it is important that we always find a good and customer-friendly solution if a customer complains about our quality, be it regarding the materials or the workmanship.

Based on our quality standards, we offer you a 10-year guarantee on the functionality of your futon. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time if something is wrong.

From our experience with over 200,000 futons sold, we know that the average useful life of our products is over 15 years, with some customers even achieving a useful life of almost 30 years.