About us

Futonwerk - who we are, how we work and how we deliver.

Futonwerk.de was created in 2008 and since 2009 it's active as an onlineshop. We simply wanted to have direct contact to the people who buy and use our products.

The owner of Futonwerk had been trading with futons and futon beds of his brand Form in Form since 1986, created the Form in Form futon-manufactory in 1988 and supplied hundreds of retailers in Europe.

200,000 futons from the DX collection were sold through retailers during this time. But what was always missing was direct contact, personal feedback and of course the abundant praise that we receive for our products - that is the most important reward for our work.

The 25 people in our small manufactory in Dortmund ensure that many people all over Europe get their personal best futon mattress. With a lot of manual work, combined with intelligent machine technology, we create the best products of their kind and our extensive range has something for almost everyone.

We produce exclusively natural products (the only plastic we use is part of zippers and thread) and our natural materials are of selected quality, if possible the best there is.

Ecological sustainablility plays a central role in everything we do and all of our products are strictly controlled for harmful substances … everything for you to enjoy comfort carelessly. And so that it is the right comfort for you, we offer you detailed advice, by email, live on the phone or live in our showroom.

When somebody has decided uppon their favorite product, we produce it in our manufactory using experienced handcraft. This can take 3-6 weeks, depending on the order received. The additional products that come from other suppliers, such as bed frames, are also ordered during this time so that we can deliver everything in one go.

We deliver in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein largely as an in-house comfort delivery with our cars, cleanly and on time. Partly also in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

We deliver to all other European countries via a forwarding company. The shop can initially only display a flat rate. This flat rate represents the delivery of an average futon to your nation's capital. We calculate the exact delivery costs when the shopping cart is complete and the exact address is known. We will then charge or refund the difference. If you send us the data in advance by email, we will first check the delivery costs.