Collection: TWIN Futon Collection

The combination of the collections ZEN (pure fibre futons) and YASUMI (futons with a natural latex core), optimized for individual requirements of back, stomach and side sleepers in all weight classes. Versatile, comfortable... for the daily sleeping place. Further information you can find in our YouTube Video (with english voice-over).

In comparison to buying the individual products you can benefit from 5% off for select combinations.

TWIN Futon

TWIN Futon / Double Futon can be combined freely from the collections Yasumi and Zen.

The Yasumi is a futon as soft and smooth as it is strong. The natural latex core provides high firmness and the good amount of wool used within creates a pleasant feeling. Encased by fine cotton satin, like all of our futons.

Zen is a futon made of pure natural fibres, either of wool and horsehair or cotton or cotton and coconut (vegan). It is also nicely enclosed in a fine, handmade cotton satin cover.

We consider a futon to be a comfortable, full mattress; therefore, single Yasumi / Zen futons are composed too light to be used as a permanent sleeping place for most central Europeans.
However, when doubled up, we achieve a comfortable and soft, easy to handle variation which is best put on the floor or on a tatami and offers a real sleeping pleasure.

Combine your TWIN futon as it suits you, as you feel. Thanks to the high quality of the products you can hardly go wrong in what you choose.
And if we consider an order impractical, we will let you know.

A Yasumi and Zen, the most common combination, provides two different surfaces, which can be changed depending on the mood or need.

Two Zen mats provide a strong fibre futon, futon with a classic feel. The lightness of the individual mats makes moving and loosening them up easier, allowing you to keep the futons fresh longer.

Two Yasumi create a very high ergonomic comfort. Our natural latex is very tight and also very strong, because it makes the futon elastic, but not soft. Therefore, two Yasumi futons also provide good stability (or adjustment / softness in the 'sensitive' variant). Yasumi futons do not require any special care except for airing.

Yasumi 3+2 /Sensitive is for light, sensitive side sleepers. Our extra firm natural latex is around 14% softer for this variant, allowing the hip receive less pressure.

TWIN Futon is a combination of two mats and therefore offers - if needed - double the surface area; for guests, for children or to take along on trips.

When used as a comfortable permanent sleeping place, a futon should be about 10-15cm high, depending on weight, base and sleeping position.
A higher body weight and a firm base call for a TWIN futon combination of more height / strength. If you prefer to sleep on your side, a more voluminous combination is ideal, as it allows your shoulder and hip to better sink in.
Basically, a TWIN futon is softer than a single BIOFUTON / DX FUTON of equal strength.