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TWIN 5.5

TWIN 5.5

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Twin 5.5 - our most sold combination out of Zen 2+3 and Yasumi 3+2.

Very variable, depending on, which futon lays on top. Zen 2+3 is as a naturalfiber-futon close to the body and stabilizing (especially with coconut-fiber). Yasumi, as a natural rubber futon, cuddly and soft.

With climate friendly wool or vegan with bio-cotton. For all weight up to approx. 80 kg - a flexiable resting place for every sleepingposition, becoming significantly firmer with increasing weight. 


Zen 2+3

  • 2x 500g/sqm sheep wool or
    vegan: 1000g/sqm organic cotton and cocosnut fibre
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm horsehair or coconut fiber
  • cotton satin cover in organic quality
  • thread tacking
  • weight 4,5kg/qm, height 5 cm, rolled up ø approx. 30cm

Yasumi 3+2

  • 5 cm natural rubber 100 %, hard (H5)
  • 2000g/sqm sheep wool or
    vegan: 2x1000g/sqm organic cotton
  • classic Futonwerk-tacking
  • weight 7kg/qm, height 8-9 cm, rolled up ø approx. 40 cm