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BIOFUTON DW 5.0 – welcome to the luxury class.

Surely one of the best futons from our home, probably one of the best in the world combines the typical futon stable lying sensation with the highest comfort.
Firstly because the double latex core is made of 2 x 4 cm of pure, highly elastic natural rubber, which provides your body contours space and even more so keep the futon permanently in shape.

Secondly our very special fleece wool (in Alpine quality) envelops the content and unfolds noticeably their skin-friendly, pressure-relieving effect.
The fine cotton (certified organic / GOTS) increases the cuddle factor, as well as the diffusion / air conditioning and brings its anti-static properties.

The core of coconut fibres creates the middle of the DW 5.0 permanently. Not only is the bed climate optimized but the whole room will benefit from the filtering effect of a futon.

A futon is perceived differently depending on body weight, this luxury futon leaves little to be desired and is suitable for people from:

  • 50-60 kg: soft to gentle firmness
  • 60-80 kg: middle firmness / optimal
  • 80-100 kg: primarily firm

Advice for couples: optimal for the most couples.


  • 2 x 4 cm natural latex (100% natural rubber, according to Qul.), H5, 88 kg / sqm density.
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm coconut fibre, stable and climate active (if desired: horsehair)
  • 2 x 1000g/sqm certified organic cotton (organic farming)
  • 2 x 550g/sqm French free-range virgin wool "Plein Air"
  • The Cover - Cotton satin, 330g/sqm, from controlled organic cultivation, fine, extra strong quality, point stapled, in typical futon look.
  • The total height - 15 - 16 cm, initially more
  • The Weight approx. 12,5 kg/sqm

Info in Video

Biofuton DW 5.0 - Youtube 4:22 min.

The Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

The Futontest - Youtube 5:28 min.