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BIOFUTON DW 2.2 sensitive

BIOFUTON DW 2.2 sensitive

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BIOFUTON DW 2.2 /sensitive

... a delicate cloud to sleep on.

Significantly softer than DW 2.0, this variation is in the sun feeling like DW 2.2 /sensitive except for the wonderful fleecy wool that brings more comfort and durability.
This futon can be kept permanently cuddly through rolling, ventilation and sunbathing.
For futon experienced side sleepers up to approx. 65 / 75 kg body weight (per person).

A futon is perceived differently depending on body weight:

  • 50-65 kg: soft to gentle (optimal)
  • 65-80 kg: intermediate to firm

Futonsofa: appropriate


  • 5 cm natural latex (100% natural rubber, according to QuL), 75 kg / sqm
  • 4 x 1000g/sqm certified organic cotton (organic farming)
  • 2 x 550g/sqm fleece wool in alpine quality, from species-appropriate livestock.
  • Cotton satin, 330g/sqm, from controlled biological cultivation (GOTS), fine, smooth quality, point stapled, in typical futon look. All materials strictly tested for harmful substances, acc. to QuL.
  • The total height 11 - 13 cm, initially 13 - 14 cm
  • The weight is approx. 9 kg / sqm

Info in Video

The Biofuton Collection - Youtube 4:32 min.

The Futontest - Youtube 5:28 min.