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BIOFUTON DW 6.2 sensitive

BIOFUTON DW 6.2 sensitive

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Biofuton DW 6.2 /sensitive – The luxury mattress

What makes this futon so luxuriously comfortable?

You can only talk about this with people who already have experience with 1st class mattresses. Everyone else may just be happy to experience something like this. Using our consistently high-quality natural materials in this direction, i.e. gentle comfort for side sleepers, is something we have already been doing for years with the Biofuton DW 5.2 /sensitive or DW 2.2 / sensitive for very light people. Here we have deliberately targeted the pinnacle of comfort and created a futon or natural mattress that combines comfort with long-term effect at the highest level.

And who needs that?

We have been making natural mattresses, mainly futon style, for over 30 years and we talk to the people who come to us.
Many things have changed, the market: unfortunately not for the better and people have changed: due to the trend of soft mattresses for years, many have become more sensitive. On the other hand, prosperity has increased and with it the possibility to indulge in comfort and ecological awareness has grown, so more people are again turning to natural mattresses. In the sum of many factors, Biofuton DW 6.2 /sensitive is currently the qualitative top of what customers ask for and we know that many people who come to us need exactly this mattress.

Is this still a futon?

Who cares about the title when it feels as great as this sleeping pad? All our luxury futons are not futons in the original sense. We call our natural mattresses futon because on the one hand it sounds nicer and on the other hand because we always want to remind you of that different lying feeling that characterizes our products ... stable, earthy, calm, balanced and climatic ... call it what you want and enjoy it.

But that's all you can do, isn't it?

There's always more. For example, a topper as a finishing touch creates exactly the haptic, sensory or climatic surface that pampers you perfectly. Some people put the Ergovlex slatted frame underneath to satisfy their personal comfort requirements, which then very clearly leaves the futon feeling. But our original claim is not to create luxury beds, as Vispring or Håstens have done so well for over 100 years, but natural, pleasurable sleeping comfort that everyone can afford.

This mighty futon is for people from 50-130kg and for everyone a luxurious experience.
DW 6.2 /sensitive is always manufactured with edge / turning handles.
A futon is felt differently depending on body weight:

  • 50-70 kg: medium-firm
  • 70-100 kg: soft-firm (optimal)
  • 100-130 kg: increasingly firm

DW 6.2 /sensitive lies best on a strong base, in the manner of our slatted frames. For other slatted frames, with larger distance between slats, we recommend a mattress protector to avoid unnecessary deformation of the materials. Every mattress should be turned over in order to evenly distribute wear and increase its useful life. Futons are best turned in the initial period, the so-called "lying-in" phase, which lasts until the surface is flat, at every change of bedding, later less frequently. Biofuton DW 6.2 /sensitive is so strong that light people hardly show signs of use, then a more infrequent turning rhythm is fine in its own estimation.


  • 2x 5cm natural latex (100% natural rubber, according to QuL), H3, 75 kg/sqm.
  • 2x 1000g/sqm horsehair plus 2x 1000g/sqm horse tail hair
  • 2x 1000g/qm cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)
  • 2x 550g/sqm french. Free-range virgin wool "Plein Air"
  • Cover cotton satin, from contr. organic cultivation (kbA), 330g/sqm, extra strong, in typical futon optic, dot stitched.
  • All materials strictly tested for harmful substances, according to QuL criteria.
  • Total height is 19 - 21 cm, more in the beginning.
  • Weight: about 17 kg/sqm

Info in Video

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