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FUTON DX 3 - a soft & compact futon!

...a voluminous futon with delicate surface, for a rather soft lying experience up to 75 kg / body weight.

Two natural latex cores, covered with soft cotton fibers and our french sheep wool "Plein Air" around it, to make the surface particularly cozily comfort for people up to around 75 kg, especially for side sleepers who like it cuddly.

FUTON DX3 up to 160/200 is best used on tight, solid slatted frames (or with mattress protector, on the floor/tatami, or Ergovlex L if particularly cuddly is preferred)

Rolling it up is only possible to an extent and unnecessary.


  • 2 x 3cm natural latex, H5 -from 100% natural rubber, builds the base, caters for soft elasticity and consistent comfort
  • 1000 g/sqm horsehair - it’s elastic and especially breathable, easily transports moist outside, if desired coconut instead horsehair (no extra charge)
  • 2 x 1000 g/sqm cotton - it’s cuddly and climatically active, caters for a comfy dry bed
  • 2 x 550 g/sqm virgin sheep wool "Plein Air", builds the hygiene filter, absorbs moisture and cleans sustainably
  • The Cover - from fine, strong cotton satin (300g/sqm), that lets the material keep its flexibility in its core
  • The point staples - from 5 rows of special threads that keep everything together without getting involved
  • The overall height - from roughly 14 cm (initially more) makes it a fully-fledged natural mattress
  • The weight - 10kg/sqm.