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Molton Cover, Organic

Molton Cover, Organic

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Molton Cover, Organic

Molton is a thick, soft flannel cloth. The Molton cover absorbs moisture like particles and keeps the surface clean; the lying feel becomes slightly firmer. Molton is a simple and fair priced way to keep the futon or mattress clean. Fastened with corner rubber straps, moltons protect from sweat / stains, bind mite and are washable at 60°C.
Our moltons are in organic quality (kbA - controlled organic cultivation / IVNbest).

Note for sensitive people: The Molton cloth slightly increased the temperature and can therefore become problematic during summer for those who are sensitive to warmth. It also makes the surface a little firmer, which can reduce the effect of a soft topper.
If you feel that way, you should refrain from using the corner rubber straps and regularly change out and clean the Molton cover.


  • with rubber straps in the corners
  • washable up to 60°C
  • Thick and soft flannel-cloth made of cotton
  • Moltons protect against sweat, stains and mites
  • Note for sensitive people: the molton cover rises minimally the temperature of the surface and might be unfavorable in the summer
  • It also makes the surface somewhat firmer, which can be reduced with the use of a topper