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Zen 4

Zen 4

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Zen 4 - Clarity is an attainable virtue.

Pimp up your futon! If the old futon has definitely become too hard, especially in the cold season, but still too good to dispose of, then freshen it up with a light topper ... for light people it is super cuddly, for heavier people it is gently relieving. Zen 4 also works well as a connecting topper for double beds with two different futons / mattresses, because it only works on the surface and does not change the basic strength.
Zen 4 changes your motorhome just as effectively ... simply put it on the foam mat and comfort and air conditioning return.
As light as Zen 4 is, with its 4x 500g / sqm virgin sheep's wool or organic cotton, so extensive is the application.

  • 4x 500g/sqm wool, 3-4cm, 2,5kg/sqm, ø25cm
    or vegan 4x 500g/sqm organic cotton, 3-4cm, 2,5kg/sqm, ø25cm
  • Cover in strong organic satin-cotton (GOTS), hand-stitched.